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KSKI Cancer Center of Irvine

KSK Cancer Center of Irvine’s (CCOI) dedicated team of experts are deeply involved in innovative cancer treatments, revolutionary cancer research and patient education.

CCOI is one of a handful of privately-owned cancer centers in the country that has a radiation therapy center, surgical center, full imaging center with state-of-the-art equipment to fully diagnose and treat many cancers. This allows you to visit one center throughout the staging and planning process.

Welcome to the KSK Cancer Center of Irvine where we offer high quality cutting edge Radiation Oncology treatments for various types of cancers. We specialize in external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy, administration of radioactive unsealed sources, and various other cancer treatments. We also work closely with other cancer physicians in the Orange County, CA community.

Our goal is to focus solely on the needs of the patients by separating the center from the conflicting needs of corporations, large healthcare providers and hospitals. We have the finest medical faculty, handpicked for their expertise, years of experience and quality of care. Our size enables our patients to received very personal care in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The patient is number one with Dr. Tokita and all of the staff.


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Clients & Charities